Positions Available

The Porter lab is an inclusive environment that welcomes people from diverse backgrounds.

Interested in joining Porter Lab?

Thank you for your interest in the Porter lab.  Unfortunately, we currently have no openings. However you are welcome to fill out this expression of interest where all local cancer researchers, including Dr Porter will look if a need comes up: http://windsorcancerresearch.com/research/application-of-interest-in-cancer-research/

For interested graduate students please apply to the Universiry of Windsor department of biology and indicate your interest in our lab. http://www1.uwindsor.ca/biology/graduate-program 


For volunteers please contact Dr Dorota Lubanska (lubanskd@uwindsor.ca) and indicate the year you are in and the type of experience you are interested in.  Note that interviews only happen once a year in the Spring.  

Interested in joining WCRG?

Please click on the link below: