Leica scope fees and biosafety


User fee – $ 25.00/hour – annual charge for the total of hours used from April to March.

Cap fee – $ 1000.00 for more than 40 hrs per year.

Overnight time lapse imagine – $ 75.00 for experiment.

Training fee – $ 25.00 per person – Training session is done during the first week of each month.



We currently do not have a level 2 biosafety permit for the room 27 where the Leica and Confocal scopes are located. Hence, NO BSL2 samples should be brought to the room. This includes live cells from all infectious human and non-human primate cells, cells manipulated with viral aents such as lentivirus if the virus can still be shedding, and remember if your in vivo model is considered BSL2 then your sample is a BSL3 sample. No radiolabeled material is permitted as well.

No food or drink is permitted inside the room.

No gloves should be worn when operating the scopes.


More information and for booking training please contact Dr. Elizabeth Fidalgo.