Leica scope

The Leica DMI6000 fluorescent microscope can be used for a variety of applications in fluorescence microscopy and image analysis, including time lapse experiments. It has YFP, CFP, GFP, Texas Red, Cy5, A4 filter cubes. It is supplied with the LAS and LAS AF soltware. Objectives include: Dry (2.5x, 10x, 20x and 40x) and Oil (40x and 60x/100x). The Leica DMI6000 has a colour camera in addition to the fluorescence camera and can be used for bright field, DIC, phase contrast as well. Individuals who wish to use the Leica scope must contact Dr. Elizabeth Fidalgo for more information and training. Click here for Fees and Biosafety details.





Confocal scope

The confocal microscope, a Biorad 1024 on a Nikon Eclipse 800 microscope, has the capability of combining double label imaging with DIC transmission optics. It has a krypton/argon laser with excitation at 488 nm, 568 nm and 647 nm. Objectives include 20x, 40x oil and 60x oil. The software includes quantitative analysis for distance,staining intensity and double-label co-localization. Triple label sequential analysis is also available. A cryostat (Micron) is available for preparing sections for confocal imaging. Individuals who require confocal image analysis in their research advised to contact Dr. Andrew Swan for more information.





Analysis station

The analysis computer has the Leica MMAF 1.4 software that can be used for image analysis including automatic cell counting.