2021 Undergraduate Theses – Antonio and Jared

Two of our awesome undergraduate students are sharing their projects and experiences during their time in our lab. Check here to read the first post about our 2021 undergraduate students. Evaluation of the cell cycle regulation in Tuberin knockout cell lines Tuberin (TSC2) and its binding partner hamartin (TSC1) are tumour suppressor proteins that regulate […]

2021 Undergraduate Theses – Kate, Kim, and Sami

Our 2021 undergraduate students have done wonderful work presenting their research results at the Ontario Biology Day, UWill Discover, and our Undergraduate Research Colloquium. Our lab has faced many challenges during this past year, the pandemic has tested our limits in many ways, but we are keeping up with our outstanding research projects. We had […]

Porter Lab in quarantine – part 7

Our video today features Frank, a Ph.D. student in our lab. He calls himself ‘Chartreuse man’ and shows us how he is keeping fit during the quarantine. If you are curious to know what is Chartreuse you must watch this video! Just in case you missed, below are the previous videos: Part 1 – Lisa and […]

Porter Lab in quarantine – part 6

The star of today’s Porter Lab in quarantine video series is the awesome Samaneh Mehri, a graduate student in our lab. Her thesis project is done in collaboration with Dr. Trant in the Chemistry and Biochemistry Dept. She shows us how she is keeping herself busy during the quarantine. Just in case you missed, below […]

2020 Undergraduate Theses – Benita, Emily and Fatima

We are sharing with you three undergraduate theses from our students that graduated this year. We had a total of six students completing their theses, you can check the others here. Identifying Molecular Markers of Progression to Muscle Invasive Bladder Cancer An estimated 9,000 Canadians are diagnosed with bladder cancer each year making it the […]

2020 Undergraduate Theses – Isabelle, Maheen and Nick

This year we had 6 students completing their undergraduate thesis, the so-called 420’s thesis students. Sadly, they couldn’t present their results at our yearly department colloquium because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Three of these students are sharing the highlight of their work in the Porter Lab. Isabelle joined Porter Lab in 2017 as a volunteer […]

Porter Lab in quarantine – part 4

Today our star is the awesome Isabelle Hinch. She finished her undergraduate studies this spring and is starting the M.Sc. thesis in the fall in our lab. She has many co-stars in her video, including her cute pets and some of our fabulous undergraduate students. Just in case you missed: part 1, part 2, and […]

Porter Lab in quarantine – part 3

Girl Power on the blog today! Two of our brilliant graduate students are showing how to be creative during this pandemic. Jackie Fong shows us how to create an office space at home and Jillian Brown is sharing recipes for making wonderful cocktails. I guess it is a great combo ‘science and drinks’ for this […]