Jiamila Maimati

Jiamila Maimaiti, M.Sc.

Lab Manager
2007 –¬†2015

Currently  Lab Manager at Acenzia РWindsor, ON РCanada

Rosa Maria Ferraiuolo

Rosa Maria Ferraiuolo, Ph.D.

Research Associate
2015 – 2018

PhD Candidate
2009 – 2015

Currently  Research Associate at Wayne State University РUSA

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Samira Bashiri, Veterinarian

Research Assistant
2019 – 2020

“I am graduated from a “Doctor of Veterinary Medicine” program at University of Tehran. I obtained my DVM degree in 2013 and I was always enthusiastic about molecular biology. I joined Porter lab in May 2019 and my work mainly focuses on using Zebrafish as an animal model for studying cancer cell metastasis and behavior in vivo using a 3D model. My research primarily focuses on how Spy1 regulations can affect TNBC drug responses to chemotherapy drugs.”

Samira was on board of the flight PS752 that was shot down on Jan 8, 2020. Her passion for science and animals has inspired all of us in the Porter Lab. She will be forever in our thoughts.