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We Value Equity, Diversity, & Inclusion

an equitable and inclusive research environment

Our overarching goal is to achieve and maintain an equitable and inclusive research environment that includes people with diverse backgrounds, experiences and beliefs.

We accomplish this by first acknowledging our individual privileges. We recognize that while we all work hard, many have to work harder than others to overcome biases incurred by privilege. We are dedicated to learning more about each other, to lifting each other up and to overcoming barriers that prevent any lab member from achieving their full potential.

Being part of the Porter Lab means that you will make a personal commitment to constantly learn and grow as individuals. We will strive together to make real change.

This starts with learning about the value that equity and diversity brings to research innovation, collaboration and productivity. Individuals in the Porter Lab are aware of the negative effect that microaggressions have on underrepresented groups and strive to listen better, to avoid interrupting others when they are presenting ideas, to echo and attribute the successes of our colleagues appropriately and to learn each other’s names and pronouns. 

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All together

We will all strive to be allies for one another; to advocate, to intervene, and to use our privilege to elevate the person beside us.

We recognize that achieving equity, diversity, and inclusion is not waving a magic wand and it is not dependent on one committee or one group. It is dependent on all of us and needs to be integrated at every level of practice. It takes constant work, attention and patience with one another.

Image Source: Krys, Belonging: A Conversation about Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion, Medium,2019

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